1. bundle, package, bale, parcel, packet; sack, load, gear; rucksack, knapsack, backpack, haversack, packsack, Sl. bindle, Australian Sl. swag, kit, kit bag; bag, duffel bag, suitcase, overnighter, valise, grip.
2. collection, assemblage, accumulation, congeries, amassment, agglomeration, conglomeration; heap, pile, mass, mess, barrel, ton, lot, lots, great deal, bunch, batch; peck, bushel and a peck, Inf. caboodle, Inf. kit and caboodle, Sl. boodle, Sl. scads, Sl. zillions, Inf. slew, Inf. raft; multiplicity, myriad, multitudi-nousness; multitude, crowd, throng, horde, crush, host; group, party, company, body, gang, crew, mob, band; flock, herd, drove, swarm, bevy; congregation, assembly, gathering; circle, set, clique, coterie,
3. cram, fill, jam, stuff, choke, crowd, press, ram, tamp; compact, compress, constrict.
4. load, lade, stow, store, pile, charge, burden, weigh down.
5. carry, wear, tote, lug, Sl. shlep, haul, Australian Sl. hump, bear, shoulder.
6. leave, depart, go, Inf. take off, make oneself scarce; leave posthaste, Inf. scram, take French leave, scamper, Sl. beat it, go off like a shot, scoot, Inf. make time; dash off, hasten away, fly, beat a retreat, take to one's heels, whip off, Inf. tear off.

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